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32 Years Of Focus & Flexibility

Rail Management Services is your Intermodal partner.

We have a large and diverse scope of services second to none in the industry. If you desire a higher level of service or simply want to explore an alternate intermodal management provider we can accommodate your needs. For a quick review of what we can offer you, click on your area of interest below or contact us at the link provided or call today 800 345 4567 and let’s discuss your needs. Below are the various services provided by RMS.

Lift on/Lift off

RMS has the best lift productivity in the industry as measured by labor hours. We operate all types of machinery to lift trailers and containers on and off railroad cars with a variety of terminal layouts.

Lift Maintenance

Lift machine maintenance is provided by RMS at a number of its operating locations. Qualified mechanics working in concert with the lift operations ensures a minimum downtime and higher terminal productivity. RMS maintains all types of intermodal lift equipment.

Hostler Maintenance

With a fleet of over 800 modern hostling tractors to marshal containers and trailers within the terminals, there are over 75 mechanics devoted to the repair and rebuilding of this equipment. With its large periodic purchases of new equipment, RMS always has sufficient additional hostling truck capacity to handle new operations on short notice.

Container/Chassis Maintenance

At many locations, RMS provides maintenance and repair of intermodal chassis, containers and trailers. All RMS mechanics provide repairs to AAR, TMS, IICL and OSHA standards.

Intermodal Switching

RMS provides extensive railcar switching at a number of its intermodal terminals. This includes placing and assembling complete trains to and from intermodal facilities. Locomotive servicing is also provided. RMS has approximately 19 heavy duty locomotives.

Trucking Services

At certain locations, RMS provides shuttle services of equipment to satellite locations.

Gate Management

RMS provides gate inspection services with AGI and other systems at a number of locations to ensure a quality inspection.

Auto Ramp Repair & Maintenance

RMS repairs and maintains a number of auto ramps throughout the United States necessary to ensure the timely loading and unloading of automobiles.

A Word About Safety

Rail Management Services (RMS) has a comprehensive safety program involving all employees to reduce accidents and injuries. As a result, RMS has one of the best safety records in the industry.